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First run in with drunk drivers on the road

You go to drivers ed and see videos of drunk drivers. You hear your parents and friends telling you about how dangerous they are. You even see them running a mess on the news... but it does not compare to actually being next to one on the road... guys, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

I was going west on Sunset Blvd in Beverly Hills (there is a greenery in the middle of the road dividing the two directions you can go in). I'm driving with four friends, and we see this white Nissan Murano with bling bling chromies start making a U-turn.... not complete the turn and start driving directly towards us. We gave the guy the benefit of the doubt, he pulled next to the greenery and let us pass. I look in my rearview and see him sloppily make a U-turn ON THE GREENERY with more traffic approaching him, this is when I started to suspect he was drunk.

And he wasn't the only drunk one on the road.

I look in my rear view again and I see a Chrysler 300 start flooring it towards my ass... he kept going FASTER and FASTER directly towards me, and I'm in the right lane, not like I can pull over... what do I do? FLOOR IT. Mind you I'm in my heavy ass X5, 5 people in the car, on Sunset twists. The guy zooms past me nearly clipping me and we're neck and neck. I slam on the brakes to let him fly forward and take the first opportunity I have to pull off on a side street to cool off. I would've done this earlier but with the time it would take me to slow down and make the turn, the guy would have surely hit me. We think its all good and get back on the road after a few minutes.

Low and behold the Murano is back.

I get in the left land and slow down to let him pass and he has his hazards on, driving sloppily changing lanes (using his blinkers, impressive) again and again. My friends laugh but I'm still freaked out. He drives normally, we think all is well, and then he starts driving on the freaking sidewalk and almost hits a pole. People would've gotten run over if they were walking on that street. Thank GOD nothing happened.

Enough was enough and I called 911 and reported him as he was pulling off onto a side street.

Guys, its obvious these guys were drunk off their minds and thought it was cool to drive. Don't ever have a couple drinks thinking your okay and get behind the wheel. That's most likely what happened to these people. Call a friend, call a cab, but DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

I love cars, we all love cars on this forum, but I never fully realize the danger of cars until that night when I saw a Nissan and Chrysler both turn into 4,000 pound, fast, blocks of deadly medal. It sounds overdramatic, I know, but I can assure you if you're ever find yourself in the same position (which I surely hope you don't) you'd think the same.

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