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Originally Posted by benha View Post
Went in Saturday to sign an ED lease and the SA said the $1500 USAA deal is for purchase only. He said USAA only gives $500 for leases. Then he said ED leases don't allow the typical .00130 money factor. He said that's for US delivery leases only and that ED leases use .00185. Then he added $1298 of fees (no tax) for acquisition, etc. Does any of this sound accurate?
Now I'm considering just financing through BMW Select since I'd buy the lease at the end anyway and the lease deal is turning sour.
MF is slightly higher for ED but I suspect that is because BMW pays your 2nd payment while the car is transit stateside. You can, which I did on my e93 m3 ED was to pay a security deposit which is refundable at the end of your lease to buy down my money factor. I forgot exactly how much it lowered the rate but I remember it equaled over $35/month on the lease which = over a 10% "return" on the amount I had to post for the security deposit.