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Most cars available from the European Delivery program do not come out of the dealer's allocation from BMW, meaning it's essentially a "free sale" to them, making those dealers who know a lot/ do a lot of ED deals more willing to cut you a good deal. The M3s do come out of the dealer's allotment of cars, making most way less inclined to cut you a deal. If a dealership is allocated 50 M3s, all of which they assume they will be able to sell for a much higher profit margin, they understnadably don't want to let one of these cars go to someone at a lower margin.

You're in good hands with David Aviles, from what I hear.

As a general statement, being an east coast guy, you're limited to a shorter time span for lease rate lock-ins than us west coast guys. One of the trade-offs to getting your car off the boat two weeks sooner.

Let us know how it turns out.