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I have two issues with Romney:

1: In July 2001 the state of Massachusetts entered into a contract with the union I was in (Assoc. of Professional Administrators), which consisted of all the non-civil service staff at the state colleges and universities. The contract was negotiated and signed in good faith. Then it sat on the desk of the ditz Cellucci left in charge when he went off to be ambassador to Canada. She delayed and delayed signing it for months. Then 9/11 happened and she used it as an excuse to not fund the contract (even though all the other provisions applied). So we got no raises at all for years. Then Romney took over and we hoped he would finally fund the contract, but he claimed since he didn't sign it, he was under no obligation to honor it, which is a crock of shit. That's when he lost my vote forever. He has no honor and no idea what honor means. (Gov Patrick retro-funded the contract in his first year in office and we finally got our back pay.)

2: In order to get elected in MA, he supported abortion rights, same sex unions, and promised to bring a health care plan to MA. Now he is pro-life, against same sex unions, and rails against Obamacare, which is modeled on his MA health care plan (which also required everyone to have health insurance). This tells you that he will do or say anything to get elected and once in office he will focus most of his energy on getting re-elected.

So if he gets elected, we'll have someone in office with no sense of honor who just wants to stay in office for another term. Typical DC insider.

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