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Angry Thank Our Community Organizer in Chief...

Originally Posted by puciorek View Post
people here are too young to remember..
Americans, in general have short memory span... {very true!!! I STILL hear that giant sucking sound today....}

in January 2001, Bush promised to protect US - eight months later 9/11 happened,

in January 2001, Bush promised prosperity to US - seven years later The Great Recession happened and... I lost my job.

In January 2010, Democrats in "Crook" county raised my property taxes again.....

I think it's time for some other alternatives.

The Crook County Machine...

IL is the worst governed state in the Union.

Quinncchio doesn't want business and jobs in our beloved state, he wants to suck off of the federal nipple and beg for more $$$$ to waste...

All of IL's neighboring state governments are running in the black; why shouldn't we???


{HEY WISCONSIN, ill trade you a Quinn for a Walker...straight up!}
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