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Originally Posted by GhostRideTheWhip View Post
Swamp, I honestly expect it to get heavier. The new amount of tech that will be on the next gen 3er is simply amazing. Next gen ///M will be pushing 3800 pounds, IMO. With each generation M3, it's gotten bigger and fatter. The next gen, won't be an exception.
I'm not sure it will hit 3800lbs, but I tend to agree that it will get heavier. Or at best the weight saving measures BMW employs will serve only to keep the car at about the same weight as it is today. I look to the F10 vs. E60 5 series for a predictor - a little bit bigger and a little bit heaier. I'll bet the new F2x 1 series hatchback debuting late next year follows that same pattern.

One thing I do think is likely is that the F3x M3 will be closer in weight to the series car on which it is based than today's E9x M3 is.

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