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Question 2001 3 series with V8?

I have been looking at buying a 3 series for a while and came across a SUPPOSEDLY "2001 M3" first off the car is a 4 door. second there are no M badges on the car except for an over sized one (possibly after market/fake) on the trunk

another thing i don't have knowledge about is how the car has a BMW V8 engine and 6 speed transmission, which i'm sure has been swapped in, and runs with no obvious problems.

please forgive me if this is the wrong part of the site to post this. I am new to this forum and all forums in general! any insight on what kind of v8/what car this motor and trans. came from would be much appreciated.

i will try to post pictures tomorrow.

P.S. I would search this topic, but like i said i am new and have no idea on what to even look for