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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Thanks for the info. However, I am finding difficult to understand how taking out 40 lbs of weight from the center is causing such significant issues. The fuel tank is right there as well, and when you go from a full to a 1/4 tank, you are losing about 100 lbs.

I just removed them myself and weighed everything:

Bottom and side cushions: 7499 g (16.52 lbs)
Bolts: 57 g (.13 lbs)
Right Back Rest: 4630 g (10.20 lbs)
Left Back Rest: ~16.5 lbs (this one was probably off a little since I couldn't use the sensitive scale)
Total: ~43 lbs

Took me exactly 15 minutes to take everything out.
43 pounds? That is it? Can't see that upsetting balance too much. Empty your windshield washer reservoir just in case

Seriously, thanks for taking the time to weigh all that. I think I might do this soon, 43 pounds is a nice weight savings.

You going to drive around with them out?