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Originally Posted by p1nk50ck View Post
Awesome I was just messing with you, but glad you resized them. Better on the eyes

Originally Posted by turbolag View Post
just fuck off already
Originally Posted by Litos View Post
for anyone that is tired of this troll ruining OT with her borderline retarded comments, here is a pm she sent me along with my response.

Originally Posted by Billup View Post

Pretty funny they PM'd you.

amanda hor$t, I will add, please feel free to mix said bleach with antifreeze and then get the fuck out. I do this in hopes that you will add me to the NSA's data center that you are so fond of, as well.
You guys are not quite following.

amanda hor$t = bosster hymen = R Grubba Balls

After trolling and acting like a total moron, he gets a name change to continue to troll. I don't know why the mods haven't banned him yet.

I got the same lame PM's from this loser before. This is the same guy screaming about how it was so much better to buy hookers than to actually be in a relationship. Coming from a sheltered social retard who inherited everything he has from mommy and daddy, I would expect that type of a comment (clearly the internet is the only social interaction this fool has).

He told me to "back off" or I was going to be "ignored" on the forum. As if that was some sort of threat...

I'm also convinced he has just had another alter-ego of his on the forums banned, and that's why he is basically asking to be banned.

I know I'm on ignore, but if you unignore me for this comment, read this: You're pathetic.

Edited for clarification, grimlock helped me remember his old name before being called a hymen.

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