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Originally Posted by SYT_Shadow View Post
If ECS is that bad there should have been many warning signs. If you want, you can have the sale protect your employees for a certain amount of years, etc

Sounds to me like Turner did not do his due diligence and was more interested in getting a payout for his business than in his employees and customers

Perhaps. He could've just had bad lawyers who didn't review the terms of the sale closely or didn't have experience with it. He's a racer & car guy, not a Wharton MBA. These deals are always about give-and-take, so maybe he did try to get some of those things. We only have one side of the story from one former employee.

Not sure why you're so quick to throw Will Turner under the bus when there is zero proof to support your theory of him being greedy and selfish in the sale.

For the record, I am not pro-ECS nor am I pro-Turner. I just don't like passing judgment on things without having the facts and hindsight is always 20/20.
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