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Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
American car quality has gotten alot better. There are some very fine American cars across the board now. That being said I could not see myself considering ownership of ANYTHING American except a Mustang or Corvette. Of the big 3, I perceive Chrysler quality/durability to be the worst. I wouldn't own a Chrysler if Lee Iacocca personally guaranteed it himself.
So would you all choose:

1. new 2012 SRT300 black / black chrome


2. 08 M5 40k miles no warranty

Both these cars are about $45k.

Remember my criteria is to move to a larger, more luxurious sedan. I'm not comfortable driving the M3 as a DD anymore. Its great for a quick sprint, but driving around in dress clothes / suit / dress shoes / etc I just dont fit into the small cabin very well. Plus 99% of my driving is on straight roads, no twisty roads anywhere I live.
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