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Originally Posted by Chemicals View Post
I have a hatred for all american cars. I think corvettes are beautiful and a good deal for the performance on paper, but I just can't stop associating the Chevy Bowtie with poor taste and poor quality. I recently sat in a brand new camaro to see if anything had changed; I had to lie to my friend and tell him how awesome it was. All I could think about is how damn cheesy it felt. These cars are like giant driving joke-mobiles. Same with Ford (even more so, I just don't even partially like any of their cars). I know it is unfair to lump it all together, but for god's sakes American Car Companies have agressive tarrifs on their competition and still can barely eek by, avoiding bankruptcy by borrowing unbelievable ammounts of money in the biggest consumer market in the world. Hilarious, considering BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc. all make profits since their inception despite the hefty barriers to entry and logistics of foreign operations.

GMC and Ford, the two " 'Merican " companies even worth mentioning have net losses since their inception. They lurch forward off the backs of American taxpayer charity and pity (aided by the funds of hopefuls like me that would knee-jerk buy an F150 or Corvette and immediately regret it). I see them as a drain on the productivity of our country; people employed in those fields should be re-trained working in the tech and information industry where we still have a competetive advantage.

My Grandpa told my dad "son, never buy a chrysler product" and he passed that proverb to me after his oil field truck (Dodge 1500) lost its bed going down a dirt road. It wasn't bolted on from the factory, brand new. Awesome. 'Merica. I will not even mention the POS that was my '05 mustang.

Sorry for the hate, I just don't see any sensationalism over "new" american cars to be justified. I always investigate to see if they are finally worth checking out again, and I am always disapointed. SRT300? Never in a million years for me. Just one viewing of the "Detroit" themed comercials made me laugh. It tried to highlight the vehicles quality and luxury as-associated with Detroit...what a god damn failed concept if I have ever seen one.