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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
had a run in on the way home with a boxster think it had exhaust done as it was a little loud compared to the stocker. dont usually mess with people but this guy kept hanging around. i have my new challenge x pipe in so i sound pretty healthy. i downshifted to 4th at 70 so about 4000 rpms and just cruised along. he had cut in front of me and was following a van that was gonna get over anytime. he got after it as soon as the van moved and i just rolled into it in 4th not knowing how much he had then matted it once i saw he was going. i was pushing up his ass and letting off all the way up to 110 or so then traffic intervened. kinda funny. never shifted. the beauty of 8300 red line.
Nice, funny, had a similar story cause a buddy at work has been talking a lot of sh*t cause his wife has a Boxster. He is always telling me, "I'll smoke you dude, I have a Porsche..." Finally I told him to bring it to work. After work we found a nice little very open road with no cross traffic and went at it. I pulled away each time. He hasnt said another word.... He only has a Boxster though, I wonder what if it was a S, or Cayman S, or Carrera (non S version)???
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