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Originally Posted by SloMaroZ View Post
update on this post?

i don't agree with eating a bunch of meat and consuming tons of milk to gain weight, but then again i could afford to gain some weight myself.

if you're interested in a more vegetarian/vegan style diet, let me know and i'll be glad to help. you're arteries will thank you.
the problem i'm having is that i eat vietnamese food pretty much everyday, that's all my mom and i cook and everything is really healthy. i just got back from california and i was there for 2 weeks and everyday we ate out at american restaurants (outback, olive garden, chris ruth, pf changs, ect) and i gained 5 lbs ^__^ i was so happy, but surely enough i will lose that weight soon. i just got a 24 hr fitness membership, so i am going to try to work out more and see if that does anything. another problem i have is keeping the weight on, at one point i was at the ideal weight, but it was such a struggle to keep it on =(
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