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No front plate at my house: Yeah, they were DPD protecting the public safety...I imagine this a$$hole had a quota or really slow period.

Meter Maids: You realize that our lovely Denver meter maids are indeed a private company that is RFP'd and contracted out by the city to generate revenue. They are paid a commission (percentage) on all the (lame ass) non-moving tickets that they write, no matter what the offense. Same scam as the mobile traffic speed camera van's! Anything for a buck...has NOTHING to do with public safety, it's all about the revenue for the city (thanks Hickenlooper!)

Originally Posted by ColoCane View Post
While parked at your house? That's not public safety, that's envy!!!!

Downtown meter maids are famous for ticketing for no front plate. But what else can they ticket you for?!?!? Must justify their existence, that's their agenda.

Just solely for no front plate. Ouch. That's what concerns me going out on a Fri or Sat night.
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