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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
If you were here simply to sell cars, I'd point you to the for sale section. But, you have been an active participant in the forum by providing useful information on several occasions, a BMW dealer's perspective, and I find that useful. I do believe that you truly mean to help us M3 freaks out in your own way; I don't have a problem if you make some money in the process. BMW3R might not have seen your previous posts, so I guess his point is also understandable.

So, when can I have my free M3 floormats shipped then?

What's your take on the M3 market by the way? Demand seems surprisingly soft to me. Probably the state of the economy?
I'll send them out today.

And I'm not sure what's going on with the market right now. We have had a TON of people come to look at the car but that's about it. I think that the massive price increase over the last model might have turned a lot of the ///M community off. Wait until people start seeing these cars out on the road. They will eventually see the value of this car. I saw a coupe on Saturday night and I can't even describe what it looked like going down the road. The presence of the M3 on the street just blew me away. Much more than any M5/M6 when I first saw it.

You also have to look at what happened with this release. BMW was just toying around with everyone for the past 3-4 months. I know a lot of people that got fed up with BMW's antics and went for the RS4 or 911.