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Originally Posted by Ryan239 View Post
managed a 1:21.7 on Sunday during our time trials, on a pretty clean lap, but the stock tires definitely kept me back from more in the T3-T4 uphill, and where you got a little sideways in T7.
Hey Ryan. The uphill sections puzzle me somewhat. I see lighter cars with lower power/weight find more traction in those sections for some reason and slightly pull away, especially between T3-T4. The PSC helped a bit there, but I still cannot go WOT up the hill until I am about to run out of 2nd gear at the crest no matter how gentle I am with easing onto the throttle. I watched the Turner car have issues on that slope as well, and it had 8X10 wheels/track rubber plus H&R springs.

Thanks for the info on the event this weekend. I am aware of it, but will not be able to make it. I went through a set of Carbotech front pads in the last two track days, and had to put the stock pads back on, and I think I am pretty much done for the season. My instructor said the car is heavy and I should go for RS29s. What do you think?

We should meet up next season. Are you thinking about going to Mt. Tremblant? I missed it this year...