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Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
Good video. How much time were you able to drop from PS2 to MSC?
I'd say around a second per lap. The real impact is on durability. The PS2s got all mushy after about 10 minutes of hard driving.

Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
It may just be the video but it looks like a lot of protective walls to hit if one went off-track.
Unfortunately, you are correct. It is not a forgiving track. That's why I won't turn DSC off when I don't have track insurance.

Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
Did you notice what sized wheels and tires the Turner M3 had, he was smokin'.
I'm pretty sure he was running 8x10 Forgeline wheels with 275/35-18 BF Goodrich R1s all around.

The wheels look nicer than I expected. The car also had Supersprint exhaust and H&R springs. He really smoked past me on the straight in the vid partially because I lifted to let my instructor go as well, who was behind him. I didn't get a chance to time him from the sidelines. That would have been informative as to what a tricked out M3 with a pro driver can do.