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Originally Posted by urbo73 View Post
I agree - I did the mod finally today and while I did noticed a better clutch feel, I also noticed more lateral play in the clutch and also the tap thing you mention. If I just tap it a bit it moves.

That being said, I'm not sure what, if any, long term effects this may have on the clutch. I worry a bit. Putting it back does seem easy, except that when I pulled out the e-clips they bent a little. Now where to get these things if I should want to put it back? Hmm....
The pedal moves, the "tap" thing, because there is no longer a spring pushing on it, taking up the freeplay of the clutch-pedal's travel...except a much smaller spring: in the illustration above, #15 is the freeplay spring - this pulls the pedal all the way out, but doesn't have the same tension as the "strut-spring" you feel some freeplay, about 1/2 inch?

As I've said in the past, I've done this to several other cars and there are no ill effects. Unless you're kicking the pedal all over the place, your clutch lever will be fine. I actually tried to make some lateral movement whilst pushing on the pedal and, to be bluntly honest, it was difficult..and I felt like a spaz. Work your clutch normally and you're fine.

If you are worried, put it need to worry over such things. The them in a pair of plyers and straighten them out, or go to a hardware store and you should be able to find replacements.

Really, I think you guys may just be overthinking the strut's importance. But if you do not think your clutch's feel is vastly improved, and worry about your clutch, then put it back. No harm, no foul.

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