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Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
As for the travel, after the spring is removed, if you tap the clutch, now it's loose. It used to be pretty solid.

The "strut" definitely provides some lateral support, because it adds another support near the pedal. It's like a beam that can take load sideways. Think of the entire clutch arm as a catilevered beam, with the "strut" there is an additional support point near where force will be applied. W/o the "strut" it is only supported at the top, which creates a longer moment arm.

Most of you didn't try but with the spring on, lateral movement of the pedal is more restricted. But I don't think w/o the spring there would be a big problem.
I agree - I did the mod finally today and while I did noticed a better clutch feel, I also noticed more lateral play in the clutch and also the tap thing you mention. If I just tap it a bit it moves.

That being said, I'm not sure what, if any, long term effects this may have on the clutch. I worry a bit. Putting it back does seem easy, except that when I pulled out the e-clips they bent a little. Now where to get these things if I should want to put it back? Hmm....