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Originally Posted by Epacy2 View Post
I love how this snowball's without people understanding. He didn't test positive for a steriod, he passed many tests over the years. He failed a test in Spring Training, one everyone knows they are going to have to take.

It is clear he didn't test positive for a steriod, yet everyone jumps to that conclusion. Typical over-reactive behavior by a blind society.
Considering you are not familiar with anabolic substances and their proper usage then I would consider you to be the blind in this case. You are buying into the story Manny has fabricated to trick the gullible, unaware people like yourself. HCG acts like an artificial version of LH (luteinizing hormone) which is a pituitary hormone that is released and signals the manufacture of testosterone in the testicles. It is used following a cycle of anabolic steroids to start up production from the testicles and is a smoking gun in my opinion.