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Originally Posted by Uber Commuter View Post
That works for me... I'm Bald...

Not true, Judy! Your hair just isn't glossy today! Switch the conditioner to the one you used to use and ... *Anna sees who she's quoting*

I'd erase the above shit, I thought I was quoting an other bald poster but I have no skin on my thumb on the area it takes to press that key so I'll just live through this humiliation.
Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
You're still a little new here, so I'll let you in on a little secret. Whenever Lups types gibberish, this is an opportunity for you to imagine it to be whatever you'd like it to be.
Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
How would you know this? Did mommy catch you jerking off to some Big Foot porn ?