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Response from M Power Motorsports

Sorry I have been away from the m3post. Fell so behind on work that it was so hard to keep up.

I appreciate the honest feedback and good reviews by my fellow ///M3 Post members.

When I first started this service, I thought it was just going to be a part time thing. Swap units for local customers on the weekends. Save them a tons of money. (We charge $100.00-$150.00) for labor to swap these units. You can imagine how much money people were saving versus paying the ridiculous prices that some of you had to pay. This was just a hobby on the side.

Suddenly, our service went viral! I was getting emails and messages from everyone thanking me and asking me to do more things. We started doing rod bearing replacements for $450.00 (labor). It wasn't for money. Yes, of course we wanted to make money on the side but people would still come to us if charged $800.00. It was more to keep things fair since this is not what our life depends on.

We went from 10 units every two months to sometimes 15 units a week!!!! We tried to keep up and stay as responsive as possible. But as an owner of other businesses and a principal of a school, it became difficult. Hence, I hired Mark (a fellow longtime member on the m3post) and relocated him from Florida to Michigan. He moved here and is working full time with M Power Motorsports now.

The three complaints we hear from time to time are the following:

1) Sometimes hard to reach. You won't have a problem anymore with this. We have two people full time responding to emails, phone calls, text messages, m3post and website chat. Response will be lighting fast!

2) Shipping delays. GUYS. You have to help me out on this one. Customers take so long sending their cores back that it causes a ripple effect on shipping to new customers. We charge such a low core charge that people just delay in sending it back. We have more than 60 units that are being held by customers. What can we do? We ended up buying all the right prices unused units on the market to speed up the process and thankfully, we have come to that point this month. We ship our units extremely fast now compared to few months ago. Sometimes as quick as one day and up to 4-5 business days. But the way we are purchasing units, and are on our customers backs for cores, this should be next day shipping in no time!

3) Core charge refunds. Look. That's not in my hands. Each credit company takes their time and processing refunds. We refund customers within 2-4 business days. Sometimes even the same day if we're not busy. Now it's up to the merchant at that point to get it posted back in your account. This is standard procedure with refunds form anywhere. If you pay with PayPal, the refund is instant.

Thanks for all the love and hopefully we can continue to serve this community. We have some other exiting products that I have got my hands on!

Custom made bearings from ACL with the measurements that we want to achieve. They will all be measured by hand to ensure the exact measurements. This will be offered soon and there will be ample stock available at all times. Just finalizing some last details.

Idle control valve. Coming soon.

The rest I'll keep a surprise.