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My suspicions

Originally Posted by swiss_cornholio View Post
About that: Will the M-DCT be closer to an SMG or to a full auto with paddles (like you can have it now with all regular BMWs)? I know what the difference between DCT and auto is in terms of implementation, but how will it feel? Will there be a "kick-down" that causes a downshift or will I be able to choose the gear at any time and it doesn't downshift even with full throttle?

Please explain...
It is all guess work until someone drives it and reports, but here are my educated guesses.

DCTs, SMGs and MT are all MT. Obviously SMG is exactly like a standard MT with automation. SMG can be a bit harsh becuase it is only the computer and hydraulics pushing the clutch and "slamming" the next gear and popping the clutch again. Even though DCTs are true manuals (you could implement one with a clutch pedal that operated both clutchs) the huge difference and benefit is the near zero shift time and power going to the ground always except again for that tiny fraction of a second for the clutch operations. I think BMW will implement DCT almost just like SMG. You will have a full automatic mode with varying levels of sport-comfort and the primary variables will just be the rpms where each upshift occurs and some variation on the automated downshift as well to maximize acceleration when you increase throttle or go WOT. Since DCT is silky smooth by its design there will not be other variables to alter such as the speed of clutching or speed of gear shift movement by the hydraulics. Then in the manual mode you can shift with the lever on the tunnel or via steering wheel mounted paddels. I think in manual mode the ONLY shifts done without driver request will be those on deceleration to prevent the car from bogging/stalling. Again the shifts are nearly zero time and very smooth. This tranny will not be as raw nor violent as SMG in its aggressive modes but it will significantly out perform it.

I think it will be awesome to say the least.

BTW did you see my post with the acceleration graphs on the VW with it's dual clutch system? Have a look at that!