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iTrader: (0) showing new MSRP for M3-- MY2011 prices or more increases to come?

As an E93 March ED customer and long-time lurker on these boards, I've been waiting with some interest for the official MY2011 price list to surface here (or for my dealer to send it to me). My wish hasn't exactly been granted yet, but I noticed the "build your own" feature on just changed their published MSRP figures. Compared to the 2010 price sheet (and what was on the "build your own" site until last week):

Item | Old | New | Difference (USD)
E90 Base | 54850 | 55400 | +550
E92 Base | 57850 | 58400 | +550
E93 Base | 66500 | 67050 | +550
Destination & Handling | 825 | 875 | +50

All options & packages appear unchanged, based on my quick glance.

So do we think these are the official MY2011 prices for the March production cars, or are there more to come? If the former (hoping so), it looks like a relatively modest increase (< 1% on a relatively well-optioned E93).

Anybody get official 2011 price confirmation from their dealer?

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