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Originally Posted by M3ZCP6MT View Post
Originally Posted by M3ZCP6MT
but since a stock 328i handles better than the IS-F, so it is not even a contender in this league.

Nope. I test drove the IS-F and man, it was fast off the line. Felt like I was driving a '69 Camaro SS or something. At about 80 mph, going onto a huge 180 degree on ramp (22 East/5/57 merge, those in California know where...) eased off the gas to shift weight and dived into the turn, MAN, my confidence level just vanished. Felt like it was going to fishtail.

Drove a 328i coupe with M package a few days later and took the same turn. Same technique, and boy, it turned with a little effort on the steering but cleared the turn better than the IS-F. Then took a ///M3, smoothest motion with feedback saying, "go faster, I can handle...". That's why a ///M3 is a ///M3.
different perspective.....ISF could do it at 100mph while the 328i may not even be able to take it at 95....."feels" like fishtail is about to happen and IS going to happen is different no?