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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
A whole bunch of reasons:

1. It was always kind of a "dream car" for me. However, living in western massachusetts and being an avid skier, I really needed all-wheel drive. So until I could afford an M3 as second car for myself, I owned Audis.

2. I used to own an RS4. It is extremely capable and similar to the M3 in a number of ways. It is better than the M3 in some ways. However, the steering responsiveness, and general wired-to-your-nervous-system feeling isn't there. The M3 feels much more dynamic and alive through turns, etc. The suspension calibration on the M3 is far superior the that of a stock RS4.

3. The C63 just doesn't have enough traction for the amount of power/torque it produces. Secondly, there isn't even enough room under the wheel wells to mount properly wide aftermarket rubber.

4. CTS-V has the same issue with traction, interior fit and finish is still not up to that of its german counterparts, and there is still that Caddy image for me. Sorry, but I come from a generation where it is an old-man car or a car for the "uneducated rich". A guy who owns a port-a-potty company might own a Cadillac for example.

5. IS-F. I actually like the IS-F a lot, but the exhaust design is really ugly, and the overall set-up of the car is a bit "soft". Still a good effort from Lexus, and I am sure reliability is great.

6. I discovered after owning a 350Z convertible, that even as a toy, back seats make a car so much more driveable. There are times where if you can't transport an extra person or two, even if for a short while, a car becomes completely unusable. Even on a beautiful driving day it will just have to sit in the garage.

7. The M3 is legendary. It is an icon. It is a class benchmark. It has a great enthusiast community to be a part of. Getting on this website and sharing information, experiences, and humor with fellow M3 owners is all part of the enjoyment of owning this car. By contrast, go look at the discussion boards for an Audi R8. Dead.

8. Looks. This car is just so hot looking. The proportions are perfect. I am a big fan of the flared front fender, tapered-in rear look. The car is tastefully aggressive without looking like a cartoon or boy racer. It looks fast, yet sophisticated.

9. I have always contended that the M3 sits smack in the sweet spot of enthusiast car ownership. This goes for all cars. There is no single automobile that offers everything the M3 offers and does it ALL better.
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