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Originally Posted by eclipsisNA View Post
Paint correction won't remove orange peel; it'll remove light scratches, swirls, hazing, and dull paint, but the orange peel will remain. You will have a high amount of gloss, but light will be refracted from the orange peel, thus reducing the car's ability to reflect maximum amounts of light (refraction). I literally just got finished with wet sanding the rear quarter panel on my car, and it took 7 hours to sand and polish just the upper section of the panel.
Thanks for that info. At this point, I'd rather spend money towards mods. I'll correct the orange peel in the future.

Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Orange peel are high and low spots on the clear coat...wet sanding is the only way

Bottom line pay to have it done..or live with it..I dont see the need to do a paint correction on a brand new car

What color is your car?
It's lemans.