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Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN
Originally Posted by amirz1000
Originally Posted by tibra1
I wouldnt have DCT

FYI redline is 7000rpm is safe
^ this. DCT won't let you downshift too an unsafe gear. Next time floor it till you feel the click, then hit the left paddle once and it will take you to lowest safe gear . Best feature ever!!
Say what? Kinda like the first gen C63 amg?
Not sure about the C63 but yeah try it next time. When in manuel mode Floor it hard till you feel the click in your right foot, then downshift once and DCT will take you to lowest gear possible. Great for when you are on the freeway coasting in 7th and decide to take off! If you floor it till it clicks when in auto mode it will just shift down to lowest gear automatically.