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Mike's Play-Hookie-Go-Driving Day

I'm thinking it's time to play hookie from our daily responsibilities and enjoy a day of twisty back roads in our fine automobiles!

Date: Wednesday July 20th
Time: 10:30am
Start: Buckhorn, Ontario (Google Map)

Starting at Buckhorn we are right at some of the best roads southern Ontario has to offer. The famous #507 is just minutes north followed by many more of my favourite twisty roads between Minden and Bancroft. So take a day off work and come play with your sports car! Plan is not to drive at crazy speeds but rather to explore twisty backroads where the wide tires of our M cars can cling to the tarmac.

Buckhorn is less than a two hour drive from Toronto. Iím staying near there and will not be driving up from Toronto, but can can provide a GPS route of interesting roads to get you there and back home at the end of the day.

Let me know if you are interested in this epic day of driving nirvana!