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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
One side comment: Article says Porsche has a 'Getrag' tranny. I've never read or heard who makes the M3 tranny. Does anybody know? Thx.

And no, the GT3 can't be compared to the M3 overall, but I think the OP was referring to the engines, which both have similar power, redline, variable valve timing... and 6MT. And he's probably right. Good day.
Why are they similar because one makes 414 hp and 295 lb/ft of torque from a 4.0 liter 8 and the other 435 hp and 317 lb./ft of torque from a 3.8 liter 6. One gets an average of 16 miles per gallon while the other will likely top that by 3-4 miles per gallon.

Yes, both share similar redlines, have variable valve timing and six speed manual gear boxes. The P car, however, has 15" floating front rotors w/aluminum hubs and six piston calipers, and a $50k racing engine with Ti rods, hollow camshafts and seven oil pumps (the list goes on, of course) feeding a pure bred, dry sump racing engine with an equally impressive gear box and weighing in at over 525 lbs less.

0-100 mph in 8.2 vs. 10.5 or so for the M, yeah, very, very similar.

The one thing that I will agree with the OP, is that Porsche is capable of doing this for the price they did.