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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Seriously, right wingers aren't interested in debating anything. They just want to punch everyone who doesn't agree with them in the face and tell them to shut up and go away. Well that ain't gonna happen.

There likely will be some type of gun safety legislation in the very near future. New Town was a turning point in the nation's psyche regarding gun violence. Most Americans including a majority of gun owners now support new gun safety legislation.aimed at reducing gun violence. This year we'll probably see legislation requiring stronger enforcement of background checks and possibly limits on high capacity magazines. I wouldn't be so dismissive of more gun safety legislation in the futurel. Most Americans also now support restrictions on "assault weapons" but the NRA has too many politicians in their hip pocket for that type of legislation to pass right away. Doesn't mean we won't see something down the road.

Right wingers can chill out though. Despite all the fear mongering by the NRA black helicopters will not be coming for your guns.

VP Biden is that you???

Americans have short memories and nothing significant will come of this. You say you want to reduce gun violence? Then why not go after handguns? Handguns are used in the overwhelming majority of gun crimes. Banning so called assault rifles wont make a dent in overall gun violence.

You dont really want to solve the problem do you?

Just go with your initial knee-jerk reaction and move on im guessing.

Oh and that last sentence of yours isnt entirely true. A few libtard states are trying to pass gun confiscation bills soooooooo yea there is an attempt to grab guns going on.

You give me the awful impression of someone who has never read a single argument against your position.