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No, I find it perfect. This car is my daily drive and I can't wait to get in it every day. Once again subjective, but with the valves closed it is quiet.
The only time Gintani (sport) systems seem to be loud is when you accelerate heavily. I've had every major brand on now (catback and full systems) and love this the most, in fact it is the only one I like.
The valves alter the pitch slightly so there is less of a really deep sound, more of an aggressive roar, which was the design intention, not so much to make the system quiet, but reduce any drone. The idle volume is just nice and does not attract too much attention, open the valves and windows though, and give it some acceleration and it becomes a monster. I think the ideal exhaust is the sport as a catback and the valved sport with the X-Pipe
I see but I don't have the valved option. Just the plain sport cat back. Do you find yourself able to roll around town and the highway with the valves open?
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