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Originally Posted by Totti View Post
Haha yep definately. Makes my premium sound option a waste of time now lol.. Maybe the boys accidentally sent me a race

Hahaha, remember you just came from stock that has no sound at all so this will appear loud at first. I was seriously worried that it would be too quiet for you! The crew at Gintani USA are reluctant to do a race system as that is truly loud and you would know about it t you had it! You really have to want the full race system for them to produce it.
I've included some videos here of mine which is the valved sport with X-pipe and HFC. The car will soon be supercharged when the guys finish the new manifold, so I'll post vids of that too and likely change the HFC to a resonated system only.
The video inside the car going down the track is recorded with internal and external microphones to give more of a realistic effect of the sound with windows down going full bore. There are a couple of repeat scenes in these vids but overall they are quite close to the real sound (using professional mics)

Tried to cover about every situation of driving with this system including a view of the whole system being installed. This system is a lot louder than yours but the valves make a huge difference when you want to go semi stealth.

Do you think the sport w/o custom valves and hfc and a tune would be too much for daily driving?
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