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Originally Posted by enigma View Post

On cold days I have used S5 insterad of 6 to reduce the dynamic peaks to adjust for the reduced traction of the rear tires.

When the actuall DCT results come back and S1-S6 are all faster than a manual car are you going to admit you were wrong all along?

There will be differences in acceleration, they will be small, but they will be non-zero. For those competing we still want every non-zero advantage we can get.

I have never said that manual will be as quick as DCT, for heaven sake I owned a DSG and know that it's quicker, haven't I said as much on countless occasions. You are missing my point as always, not everyone may want the jerk/surge and if BMW only offer the quickest shift and acceleration with this then in my opinion it's a mistake. Surely someone can have an opinion on this site which may conflict with your own.

Clearly you and I will never see eye to eye on most things, possibly it's either an age or culture thing. I don't buy an M3 or any other car to go racing which is clearly top of your list, I buy it to use daily and look for a system and setup which works best in this situation. It the only reason why this time round I decided to go for an M3 as this new model was the first to have desired setup and abilities to match my requirements.

I loved DSG from a technology point of view and found it's automatic modes brilliant but as a manual and primarily using the paddles in town I ended up hating the system and craved the connect that the gear stick give.