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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
When we first tried to agree to a bet, you backed away from your claims of near instantaneous shift times quickly.

I don't think we can come to terms.
Come on T, stop with the annoying misrepresentations. I have explained my DISBELIEF in BMWs statement of shifts in "milliseconds" time and time again. I used such numbers occasionally in simulations but not generally. Your lie and pesky nature on this is getting soooo old. Don't forget you tried to sucker bet me with known detailed knowledge on SMG III shift times and how that would compare to DCT.

I should have taken you up on the bet when you keep getting confused between seconds and milliseconds, DCT shifts faster than 0.8 s?

I'm getting dangerously close about the 80 ms number, but not yet. I put 100 ms on the table.

What happened to your massive flip flop right here in this thread on the decelerative spike on the leading edge of the shift? My 2nd proposed bet?