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Originally Posted by johal89 View Post
So I got new tires on my rims today. I left Americas tire got on the freeway. As soon as i hit 50 mph my steering wheel was shaking figured they where not balanced properly so no big deal. So they Balanced them again and i hopped on a different freeway trying to avoid traffic. I wanted to see if my steering wheel would shake .So i hit 80-85 mph and it was still shaking. I was pissed....then i took the exit off the freeway next thing you know CHP gets behind me. lights me up says he got me for 85 i was like WTF no you didn't he said yes showed me the laser gun. I was like my valentine didnt go off he comes back and tells me to sign the ticket i say no not until you answer two questions. I said i know you dont care but i got new tires and there not balanced properly and my steering wheel was shaking and i wanted to see at what speed. 2nd question can you please shoot my valentine with your laser and he said sure so he did from the back of my car and from the front and it beeped like crazy. He said i still wouldnt trust that thing i said it workes every time. He said looks like not this time have a nice day!!!

is this real? if so, I may have to really reconsider leaving this forum and trying to get m3f going