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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Mkoesel - do you concede defeat? I think there is ample data that shows the new M3 is worse than the E46 M3 for fuel economy.

$100 or do you want to work out alternative payment?
I was going to say we should just wait for theRealDC, but he posted just after you. Seems you were a bit pre-cognitive there.

However, he did mention the break-in period. You want to wait 'til that's over? If not, PM your email, I will paypal you the money.

Like I said above, you will probably win the bet. The spirit of my post was that people are over-reacting about mileage. I am just happy to hear he is getting 23+ with the car. That should rightly silence all the folks who went on and on about poor gas mileage. And if not, well then they are just bitching for the sake of bitching. The best I have EVER gotten with my E46 was 24, and that was when I used to have a driving mix with 90% highway.

Keep us posted on your mileage RealDC.
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