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1966 Dodge Charger Exterior Correction

Not your typical car to see on a E-90 BMW forum(lol), but showing what can be done when severe defects are present and the corrective measures carried out.

Just completed detail, this car needed exstensive correction as the body shop left quite a bit of defects behind. This car would have been a great candidate for a re-wetsand of the entire vehicle, but with readings in 700 micron stage the bondo was was there in copius amounts and I did not trust the thickness of the clear(Time to get a DeFelsko 200 from Phil when funds allow...).

This was a referral from the Charger owners brother who I did a Mustang for in the old shop.

Here is the Charger after the wash/decon step..... severe holograms and wetsand pigtails throughout the entire car, my goal was to level the finish safely and bring as much clarity and gloss as possible without wet sanding.

Wetsanding haze and shrink.

Different angle of the shrink evident on rear drivers quarter.

Bodyshop who sanded and cut the car must have did it in the dark!!!! = Hackness.

More display of fine bodywork skills.

Pigtails so deep all that was missing was the "Pig" lol.

Enough was time to make this car look nice for the client, correcting the defects.


Entire drivers door levelled, which also cleared up the shrink using Edge wool pad(Black aggressive).

Not good.......

Some improvement.

Sand scratch dullness.

Cutting thru the defects.

Clarity restored.