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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
aka more optimized.
This this and a thousand times this. Optimization. Period.

Now, I have had a few Android phones and have partaken in the rooting, OC/UV, mix and match kernels and ROMs, find third party apps to replace certain sucky native ones, etc... In that case, I would 100x over take the flagship Android phone at any given time over the current iP* at the time. But OTOH you can JB the iPhone as well, but if we want to talk about JB iP* vs rooted Android, we're going into the whole modded versus modded, and if we compare a rooted Android flagship to current iP*, then it's modded versus stock, etc....

Stock versus stock, Apple definitely does have the best product on the market and they will continue to as long as they have the ability to optimize their code like they can. The Android handsets don't have this luxury. The WP8 devices are also building on this concept. Once the OS has the features it needs to compete, the user experience will be much easier to deliver than it is for Android because M$ is also buying into having a narrow scope of hardware to support. Those devices will also have underwhelming specs as compared to flagship Android devices, but will probably run very very well.