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Originally Posted by subterFUSE View Post
Does Escort suffer from the same problem? i.e. a database maintained by unqualified dingbats?
No. I believe they use a database maintained by a service that is not dependent on the masses. You download it to the computer from the Internet then connect the computer to detector and upload.

Originally Posted by subterFUSE View Post
Is it like Trapster, where users in the community post the traps and others rate them?

I ask because I have tried using Trapster, but the problem with it is that the community members are all idiots and don't know what a red-light camera actually looks like. They have posted a million red-light cameras in my hometown, when our community does not have a single one. We have the traffic monitoring cameras at the top of our intersections, but those are not for issuing tickets.
You might try RadarActive which give hardly any false alerts. They use automatic aging of alerts and they can be voted down so the database seems a lot cleaner than Trapster. However, the RadarActive community could be said to have the opposite problem -- not enough users and some legitimate cameras might be missed. But overall, I've had a lot of success with it. You may want to give it a try; it's free.


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