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I sold 2 of my V1's and put the 9500Ix in my wife's car and my daily driver. I too thought I would miss the arrows. And in truth, I do miss them a little. I think whoever said, "when it goes off there is a cop." hit it on the head. That is the best part about this detector. It never goes off, once it learns where the false alarms are, so when it does I slam the brakes. With the V1, it is always going off and I end up just ignoring it.
I still have one more V1 that I am planning on putting in the M3 when it gets here. I am more than happy to sell it and get another 9500Ix. From what I've read, Valentine has the patent on the arrows and Escort has the patent on the internal GPS, so we will never see a radar with the best of both worlds.
In the end, both are great detectors. I just prefer the Escort, because I don't ignore it when it goes off.