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This was the original ad.

Originally Posted by John@BMW View Post
Up for sale is my set of track wheels and tires.

The wheels are SSR GT2 19x10. The front wheels are +29 offset and the rears are +25 offset.

The wheels are in great shape for 'track wheels' and have NO curb rash on them. The only marks are where the impact gun/sock scores the inside of the wheel bolt 'holes' All the wheels are straight and true-

The tires are Hoosier R6 265/35/19 tires on all 4 wheels. The rear tires are in great shape and have lots of life left in them. The 2 front tires are pretty much used up and one of them is starting to show cord.

These wheels and tires are very light. Both wheel and tire combined weigh 44lbs! That is a very significant savings even over the already amazing OEM 19s-

I just have no use for these so I figure i would make some money and clear the garage

Price 1300 shipped to USA- 1200 dollars picked up in north Atlanta!
Canada and other countries, I will pay 100 dollars towards the shipping cost to you.

If you plan to pay by paypal, please include 3%

What you get- 4 wheels, 4 tires and one free smile.


The front left was starting to cord on the inside-