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Originally Posted by Swancoat View Post
I've also had this issue. Here's my best guess: Driver error.

I think what happens, is when I'm in 1st (DCT) and have the 'power' button on for increased throttle response, sometimes you hit the gas, and the car takes off really quick, but your foot may be just relaxed enough to lift slightly. So the car slows. And your foot goes down again. And so on.

I'm pretty convinced it's all because of me. Some more 'testing' is required though.
I had that same problem on my 03 M3 with SMG in Auto mode. It didn't matter if it was warm or cold outside...same thing....a studder off time line in normal driving conditions. I noticed also too that I had erratic idle on startup where the needle would go up and down until it figured out a good spot to keep the car running. I was thinking a dirty ICV (Idle Control Valve) or a possible tune up. I never brought mine in and its been traded. I also noticed that on a steep slope, even with a full tank of gas, my car would stall a bit (as in starving for gas) taking into account of all three things a possible tune up, ICV clean, or fuel delivery problem.
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