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Strong Dealer Pricing opinion on 135i

Talked to my guys at Shelly BMW on numerous occasions. They are nearly dead 100% certain that the 335i will be in the high, to very high $30,000's.
My gut instinct to concreteness… is that the 335i will start at $36,000.
I am very disappointed in this. To the average guy, they are feeling certain $5,500 will be enough of a carrot to lure a buyer wanting an upgrade from the 128i but not able to go to $41,500 for a base sport 335i Sedan, and who certainly can't make it into the Coupe 335i pricing territory (or insurance.)
There will be a $150 to $250 a month difference in lease payment. That's enough, but not for me.
I think BMW is making a HUGE mistake. They are poised to obliterate Honda Accord V6, Camry V6, Honda 2000 and other buyers should they mark the base Leatherette Sport 135i in the $33,000 range. No one in their right mind would buy a Jap car with this package available But BMW apparently is on their own page. Fools.
Mark my words: $36,000 to $41,000.