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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
You guys who want all options just for the sake of completeness have probably never looked at a loaded C2 or C2S price, eh? Sure, I'll go spend more than a GT3 RS on a loaded C2S. Great idea.

Also, how much more weight does a loaded M3 carry than a stripped one? It's got to be at least 150 lbs. DCT alone is 50 lbs. or so. Now, how many people that complain about weight gain in modern cars are also buying cars with every option or nearly every option? The answer is a lot more than "none", and probably close half based on observations of how many people spec their cars loaded on this forum.

It's a simple trade off, really. More luxury = more $$$ and more lbs.
yes sir. all 100% true. ppl complain about weight but slap every feature on in the book.

pccb is 8k alone. not to mention all those cf bits and customizations.