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Changing plugs on E92 M3

BMW refused to do this under warranty or all maintenance included. My car has 25,000 miles and is idling erratically. I just did two on the drivers side in the front, seems my 3/8" ratchet is missing...

Already a big difference in idle quality.

There are a bunch of software updates the car needs that they refused to do, the plugs and anything else to diagnose the erratic idle. BMW USA states it is normal procedure for the customer to pay for the diagnosis at $145 per hour at the dealer even if the work is then performed under warranty.

Bob Smith BMW said I need to get a $299 fuel injector cleaning in order for them to even look at the car under warranty.

I am suing both BMW USA and Bob Smith BMW. I didn't spend $70,000 on a car to be treated like this.