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Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
Will be sure to read up on that, I was 9 when it would have been enacted so I must have forgotten already
That's a pretty good reason, when I was 9 I wasnt paying attention to politics either ! Google away; to make it easier, the actual term was something like the "national homeownership strategy", or something similar.

The idea was that by making everyone a homeowner instead of a renter, that would increase their emotional investment in an area, thus improving society overall. (less crime, more pride of ownership in the upkeep of the neighborhood, etc) Which sounds OK at first glance, assuming every new person who is part of the collective meets some bare minimum requirement for intellectual capacity, knowledge and drive, so they dont bring down the entity they have just been thrust into.

The same lack of athletic ability that might cause me to not make the sports team in the first place (under normal conditions), are the same factors that will cause me to lose games for the team if you lower the bar to put me on the team in order to boost my self-esteem. Sounds harmless at first until you think it through and realize that messing with natural selection (financially, athletically or however) is a not good thing.