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Originally Posted by M3Mikey View Post
+ 1 Mantis. I went with the Eisenmann sport in fear of the race being to loud. I think if your worried about it or even have to second guess yourself, then go with the quieter one.
Originally Posted by Ilia@IND View Post
I didn't know you'd gotten a chance to hear the Race in person yet.

Lots of people are thrown off by the name "Race", but in my opinion the sound is still very acceptable. Like a few have said, however, if you have to ask yourself if the race is too loud, perhaps it's best to stick with the sport.
Originally Posted by DJ9 View Post
Eisenmann Sport all the way! Perfect sound IMO.
Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Why would the transmission type make a difference in the exhaust sound?
i think i was wrong. i was playing the other night with a I6-powered E46 M3 with Eisenmann race. That car sounded 10x sicker than my car. i cannot imagine how sick it sounds on the V8. for that sound i'd live with a noisy cabin and drone. wow that sounded so sweet.

no Ilia, i have not heard E9x Eisenmann race, but judging from 335's and E46 and other versions Eisenmann produced.
Originally Posted by moog55 View Post
The way the guy at WheelSTO explained it was that there is a tendency for RPMs to be lower on DCT cars rather than 6MTs. I realize that's a sweeping generalization on his part, but I can see his point. When I have owned MTs in the past, I tend to "race" the engine more than I do on automatics/SMGs/DCT. He also said that he had a couple of customers that had DCTs that reported the same type of drone at lower RPMs.

The only reason I give his statements and observations any credibility is because he makes a living off selling Eisenmann exhaust systems and as a result has had countless conversations with customers owning both types of transmissions (DCT & 6MT) and both types of exhausts (Race & Sport). Beyond that, it's subjective at best.
we had a huge debate last year about this, and Eisenhaus was claiming AT cars will be louder and have much more drone and basically sound like ass compared to 6MT. i didnt buy it. we kept on debating. after i almost go convinced we found out Eisenhaus was only trying to cover up for fake exhausts they were selling. so i still dont see how transmission type makes a huge difference in exhaust. why doesnt it make a difference with stock exhaust?