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Originally Posted by jetpilot747 View Post
He had 210 RWHP and you couldn't pass him in your 1 series M coupe? Do you think you could even hang with him if his s2000 was boosted?
The short answer is no. On a relatively tight track there is simply not enough room on the short straights to execute a safe pass. This particular S2000 has several notable advantages over the 1M. Even though the 1M has a superior power to weight ratio that is just one of several factors that go into the lap time. The S2000 suspension although over a decade old is superior to the 1M. The 1M uses a strut suspension and while it is compact and allows for a design that intrudes far less into the engine bay or passenger compartment, it is no match for a double wishbone suspension setup. The S2000 has practically endless front grip and rarely encounters much understeer. My 1M suspension is almost stock and although I have a lot camber, it still understeers in many situations where the S2000 just sticks. The S2000 has Tein SRC coilovers which are very dialed in for the track.

The S2000 is over 500 lbs lighter than the 1M. This combined with the ability to carry higher speeds through the corners means that the S2000's exit speeds are generally a little higher. This means that he is entering the straight at a higher speed than the 1M and I have to catch up. Because the S2K is lighter, that means he can brake later and deeper into the corner, where I need to scrub off speed earlier.

We found that in comparing vmax at the end of the short straights I might be 5-6mph faster, that's not enough to cleanly pass him. On a longer straight I could definitely pass him but it's really not as easy as you think. This is not a simple highway 'pull' where the 1M would obviously pull away from the S2K.

Finally, my friend is an excellent driver and improving constantly (as am I). We make great foils for each other and it's a lot of fun to engage in the chase. We compare notes with our other track friend regularly. Things are not really as they seem in a track environment. I have seen relatively stock Miatas pass Ferraris. Driver talent and experience has a LOT do with it. It's definitely nowhere as easy as it looks. Also, we drive with traction control completely off in case you were wondering.